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Tips to consider when renting a Flatbed Truck

Flatbed truck rental can do the job that other small trucks (pickups) cannot. Mostly it is related to transporting and moving of items of either huge weight or unusual shape/form and capacity.

Also when the vehicle is needed only for temporary basis or will not be used regularly, the best choice here is to hire (rent) a truck rather than purchasing it. So, it is the perfect way to get the job done without adding extra overhead to the organization.

Flatbed truck hire services are available from most major truck rental companies. In Abu Dhabi (UAE) Fabulous General Transport company is one of the leading general transportation companies that provides trucks on trip and monthly basis within UAE region.

The advantage of hiring from us is that trucks are available immediately, in good condition (new vehicles) and supplied with all necessary safety and maintenance documents. The process is very easy, we need to know the destination point from where the cargo needs to be transported (point A) to which place (Point B) and how many trips will be required. In this case the client is charged per trip basis including the cost of diesel and operator. Second option is when truck is rented on monthly basis, but this option is possible only if flatbed truck will be working on client’s site only. In this case monthly rental rate will be applicable excluding cost of diesel which is to be provided by the client.

Most flatbed trucks available for rent are in the range 40-60 feet and have a load capacity of up to 20 - 30 ton. To note that the flatbed trucks have very strong and powerful diesel engines which give them plenty of power but also making them very loud. In most of the cases forklift is being used to load the cargo on the flatbed trailer. In our company we provide flatbed trailers 40 and 60 feet and forklifts to help loading the cargo.

A flatbed truck rental is the perfect choice for cargo of different size or shape, or for hauling wheeled equipment including lawn care equipment and vehicles of all kinds from tractors to ATVs. When low bed trailer is required we provide trailers with the low bed.

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