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TOP 3 Reasons why companies prefer RENT vs BUYING

More companies nowadays RENTING instead of PURCHASING their own land transport of construction equipment.

WHY? There are three main reasons why companies more and more decided to go for rental of construction or other heavy duty equipment rather than buying them:


When you are considering to purchase an equipment, it is definitely an expensive option which freezes the capital that can be used in alternative ways for other projects or for buying building materials that might be required for the project.


If equipment is rented, the servicing (maintenance) responsibility lies on the renting company. If you face any difficulty when running your machinery, the problems will be solved almost immediately by the rental company. It is the rental company responsibility to provide you with fully functional machinery.

Time Efficiency

Equipment for rent is available on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. In big projects when wide variety of machinery is involved it is much time consuming to rent land transport or construction equipment when needed and for the period needed. The construction job gets completed ahead of schedule since the machinery delivered on time and they operate smoothly.

Renting of construction equipment is good for those machinery that are not used much in the business. Since this equipment is used only occasionally, buying them would be an added expense. Fabulous General Transport is offering a wide range of land transport & construction equipment for rent.

? Do you have any problems having big equipment to use in your production and projects?

? Do you think buying a certain tool would not be beneficial at all because you might no longer use it in the future projects?

If you’re answer is YES, call us today and get a free consultation on your optimal rental solutions!

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