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Construction Machinery

The range of construction machinery in our fleet is very broad and includs mobile hydrolic Cranes of various capacities: 25, 30, 80, 100, 150 - 500 tons, JCBs, Backhoe Loaders, Boom Loaders, Shovels (Wheel Loaders) Forklifts and etc.  Most of the equipment is available for month, weekly, daily and hourly rent with operator.

25 ton 4 wheel cranes
50 ton crane
25 ton cranes
General Terms:


  • Weekly and Monthly hire: If construction equipment is hired on weekly or monthly basis we provide equipment with operators but without diesel which is to be provided by client;


  • Daily hire: If construction equipment hired on daily basis we provide equipment with operators and included diesel cost;


  • Payment terms: We provide credit facilities only to our permanent clients, otherwise all payments should by cash/bank transfer in advance or as a PDC.


  • LPO: The job considered confirmed if we receive signed and stamped LPO from the client.

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